Online membership registration is now available (certain fees apply)

The membership form contains all the information required to become a member of the AQM or to renew your registration. Please read the instructions carefully, fill in all of the required fields and send the form to the following address:

Association québécoise de musicothérapie
CP 32190
Montréal. Qc
H2L 4Y5

Don’t forget to include a cheque or money order in the amount equivalent to the membership category for which you are applying. The form contains the rates by category of members as indicated below.

Membership Categories:

A) Professional Member MTA- Active I (100$ / 110$ after December 1)

Music therapists accredited and in good standing with the Canadian Association of Music Therapy (CAMT)

Professional Member- Student (65$ / 70$ after December 1)

Music therapists accredited and in good standing with the CAMT or with a professional music therapy association recognized by the CAMT, and enrolled in full-time post-secondary education. Proof of enrolment is required.

B) Music Therapy Intern (MTI) /Pending Accreditation Member- Active II (70$ / 80$ after December 1)

Music therapy interns, who fulfill the requirements of the CAMT, that are and remain a member in good standing, and who have submitted their accreditation file to the CAMT in the two years following the internship inscription date. (to change to reflect new MTA certification Process) An active member II can become inactive if a letter is provided to the AQM and CAMT justifying a reason for a temporary leave from internship or their process of accreditation. (i.e. Maternity leave or illness). The AQM, the CAMT, and the member must come to an agreement on the duration of the deactivation period. A Declaration of internship status or pending accreditation by the CAMT form must be completed, signed and submitted to the AQM.

C) Music Therapist Accredited /Retired/Inactive Member (70$ - 80$ after December 1)

All members with MTA status who are no longer actively practicing music therapy. This status also gives the right to hold a position on the board of the AQM.

D) Student Member (50$ / 55$ after December 1)

All students including minors. Proof of full-time enrolment at an educational institution is required.

E) Associate Member (65$) (no late fee)

Persons interested in music therapy, as well as any individual, corporation, partnership or organization interested in promoting the objectives of the AQM.

F) Honorary Member (no fee)

A member who is designated by the board of the AQM as an honorary lifetime member in recognition for their out-standing contribution to the AQM or to the field of music therapy.

• Only Active I, II, professional-student members, and honorary members have the right to vote.

"No postdated check accepted. Bounced checks will be charged $7 to cover bank charges."