Music Therapist

Who is a music therapist?

Canadian music therapy definition:

Music therapy is a discipline in which credentialed professionals (MTA*) use music purposefully within therapeutic relationships to support development, health, and well-being. Music therapists use music safely and ethically to address human needs within cognitive, communicative, emotional, musical, physical, social, and spiritual domains. *Music Therapist Accredited

The music therapist is a professional:

  1. Graduate of a university training program recognized by the Canadian Association for Music Therapy (CAMT))
  2. Duly accredited or registered for an accreditation process leading to a Music Therapist Accredited (MTA) as defined by the CAMT
  3. Active member in good standing of the CAMT and AQM

The music therapist has knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  1. Music and its impact
  2. Clinical improvisation
  3. Specific approaches in music therapy
  4. Psychosocial and neurobiological development
  5. The characteristics and needs related to various pathologies

How to find a therapist?

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Several music therapists are currently available. Consult the list in order to see if a music therapist is currently available in your area.Download the list

For music therapy services

In order to help you find a music therapist for professional music therapy services, AQM sends its accredited members lthe service requests it receives. Please contact us, and inform us of your needs by phone at 514-264-6335 or by email

For a conference or an information workshop on music therapy

To put you in touch with a music therapist available to present lectures or information workshops, contact us by phone at 514-264-6335 or by email